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Nuno Valentim
Nuno Valentim

Photography: Revisitar, Produções Audiovisuais

Nuno Valentim Lopes was born in 1971 in Porto, is married and has three children.
He is an architect and professor at the Faculty of Architecture of UP - where he also completed his PhD in 2016 on Architectural Design and Heritage.
Master in Rehabilitation of Built Heritage (FEUP 2007).
He has been working in his own profession since 1994 and is currently developing the rehabilitation and modernization project for the Bolhão Market.
National Urban Rehabilitation Award 2016 with the 'Salabert House Rehabilitation Project' at the Botanic Garden of the University of Porto.
João de Almada Award 2014 with the 'Rehabilitation of the 1928 Building at R. Alexandre Braga', authored by Arq J. Marques da Silva (c / F. Barata and J. L. Gomes at CEFA-UP).


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