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Pedro Geraldes
Pedro Geraldes

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

Born in 1981 in Porto.
Attended the German College of Porto between 1985-99 and, in 2006, graduated with distinction in architecture by FAUP.
In 2010, he began three major projects, which continue to this day: he started his career at EDP where, as an architect, he conceived and coordinated some of the major architectures of national hydroelectric projects; Founded, with one more partner, the Clínica de Arquitectura®; Is invited by Manuel Forjaz to be the creative director of TEDxOporto, becoming, in 2013, co-organizer of the event.
During this period he completed postgraduate studies at FEUP, co-founded a gourmet store and was a mentor at EDP Starter of energy startups.
He was a guest speaker at TEDxYouth Porto 2010 and participated in TED Active 2014 and TED Summit 2016.
Devotes much of his time in the monitoring up and development of projects in the creative area, having recently been invited to lead the activities of Clube de Criativos de Portugal, in the north of the country.


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