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Sketching the city 2
Sketching the city 2

Photography: Pedro Figueiredo

Over the last weeks the Porto Innovation Hub has proposed complementary activities within the scope of the core topic “Sketching the City”.

There was a guided tour through the “City Park” exhibition, displayed at the PIH exhibition space, which was led by the author of this work himself, Professor Sidónio Pardal.
The regular Open Talks addressed the sub-topic “Networks” which covered the topics “Water and the city” and “Networks and technological platforms”.
The initiative Stepping Out was diversified within the topic “Sketching the City”. The visit to the São João Bridge brought to light the vicissitudes of the project and the complexity of this groundbreaking work with more than 25 years, conducted under the supervision of the engineer Luís Afonso, collaborator of engineer Edgar Cardoso, the author of the project.
The visit to the Bolhão Market, accompanied by the author of the restoration project, the architect Nuno Valentim, was very enlightening regarding possible future interventions and rehabilitation of this emblematic building of Porto City.
The visit to the City Park was once again guided by Professor Sidónio Pardal, who shared in loco the vicissitudes of the time when the park was built and the innovative solutions implemented, bringing to light visual perspectives which are hard to unravel, highlighting the concept of beauty, of designed landscape, of the willingness to create a “peaceful world”, full of harmony, substantiating this unique and innovative work of acknowledged merit.












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