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Stepping out / Civil Engineering Live - Museu da Misericórdia
7 May 2017
Stepping out / Civil Engineering Live - Museu da Misericórdia

Photography: Sofia Rodrigues

The former Gallery of the Benefactors of the Main Building and the Private Church of the Holy House of Mercy of Porto were recently intervened to ensure the minimum comfort conditions of its new use, the Misericórdia Museum.

The team led by the engineer Vasco Freitas, after an exhaustive evaluation of the hygrometric conditions of the two locations, proposed a "surgical operation" enhancing its characteristics and minimizing new interventions. For the Gallery, covered by a delicate skylight of iron and glass, the proposal was to apply a natural ventilation system programmed to regulate as the museum comfort requirements, according to climatic variations throughout the year. To minimize the effects of the ascending humidity resulting from the subterranean river that crosses the Church foundations, it was proposed the treatment of the walls and the pavement. In this lecture, given by the engineer Vasco Freitas, it will be explained the consequences that these issues brought to the building, and during the visit, it will be possible to understand how they managed to guarantee the comfort conditions of the museum with these delicate surgical interventions.


Organisation: Department of Civil Engineering at FEUP, University of Porto and Porto Innovation Hub

Guidance: Vasco Freitas

Date: 7 May 2017

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Duration: 90'

Capacity: 35 people

Target audience: general

Meeting point: entrance of museum

Entry: free entry through previous inscription here

Note 1: the Stepping Out activities aim at the general public. For any participation covering another area, an authorisation must be requested detailing the purpose of that visit.


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